At Industrial Precision Services we specialize in sourcing actuator products in a variety of sizes and capacities for use in various applications.

Actuator Products include:

  • Machine Screw Actuators
  • Ball Screw Actuators

Actuators serve a ‘mission critical’ role in many diverse industrial applications and are typically made to order.

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Click here to download a detailed product brochure on Actuators.

Machine Screw Actuators


Machine Screw Actuators offer precise positioning, uniform lifting speeds and capacities up to 250 tons. Standard model configurations include upright or inverted units with translating or rotating lifting screws. End configurations are available with top plate, plain, threaded or clevis end.

  • Precision Rolled Acme Thread allows positioning within thousandths of an inch.
  • Self Locking – No cribbing required when actuator is subjected to minimal vibration.
  • Hardened Gear Set allows higher efficiency and longer life.
  • Precision Gears allow synchronized lifting in multi-actuator systems.
  • Rugged housings made of Cast Aluminum Alloy (MA models) or Ductile Iron to safely mount to a variety of structures.

Ball Screw Actuators


Ball Screw Actuators provide high efficiency and high speed in a linear positioning package up to 100 tons. The low friction ball screw and nut design provides longer life at load and requires less power to achieve a specified thrust and movement. Ball Screw Actuators can be used individually, in tandem or as part of a larger mechanical system. With lifts up to 20 feet, UNI-LIFT® Ball Screw Actuators offer the perfect solution to a wide range of linear positioning applications.

  • Ideal for high speeds and continuous cycle applications.
  • Ball screw design allows for reduced horsepower requirements.
  • Reduced friction provides extended service life and lower operating costs.
  • Integrated ball bearing design reduces operating temperatures.
  • Precision screw lead offers exact positioning for multiple Actuator systems.